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Motorola Droid Mini and Motorola Droid Ultra

Mini and Ultra how-to videos are uploaded and available for viewing.

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Bluetooth File Transfer-by Medieval Software

We are happy to announce the introduction of Bluetooth File Transfer to our list of awesome apps. We are very excited about this app. It has a comprehensive list of features and has a very intuitive design. This app is very clean and appeals nicely to the eye. Here is the impressive feature list provided […]

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iFonts(Fonts For Android) by diyun

We would like to introduce iFonts(Fonts For Android) to our latest picks of the most excellent apps on the PlayStore. This app allows for easy integration of new fonts into your Android device giving it that personal touch to match any personality or taste in fonts. Take the time to download this app and see […]

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Awesome New App Reviews

Great new app reviews are being uploaded almost daily and are available on our site through the app reviews tab. Enjoy and please feel free to leave feedback with us. Also, as new phones are released we upload video tutorials for them available under Phone Help.

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WatchOn Galaxy S4 Built-in App

I mentioned WatchOn in a previous post in passing but now think it needs its own.  I’ve been using WatchOn for about 2 weeks now and don’t have a complaint.  When setting up WatchOn it asks who your provider is and shortly thereafter it asks for the cable package that you subscribe to.  The Galaxy […]

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Microsoft Mini Tablets

Microsoft expected to release mini tablet to compete with Apple.

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75 Million Low Cost iPhones

Apple is planning on selling 75 million low cost iPhones in an attempt to grab a larger portion of the lower end market share. They run the risk of these sales cannibalizing their higher end sales, but this will allow them a whole new chunk of the market share. This may be a smart move […]

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Blackberry Loses 1 Million Customers

Blackberry announced today that they lost 1 million Blackberry owners and their revenue dropped by 48% last quarter.  This is the largest decline since the company has come into existence.  The company is throwing everything into one basket, Blackberry 10 devices, in a hope to salvage what is left. “We believe the company has stabilized […]

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New Website Features

We have updated the website again to make it easier to navigate and to also bring you the most relevant content.  We have added the “Quick Search” tool on the right side of the page, which allows you to select an operating system and topics related to that OS.   We have also expanded our […]

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iPhone Sales

Just a short post today.  Apple announced that more than 5 million iPhones were sold in the first 3 days of its availability.

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