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March, 2012

Motorola Droid ‘Fighter’ Expected to Launch in April

Motorola is constantly improving their market, even if it’s just a screen upgrade. The rumored Motorola Droid ‘Fighter’ is said to have a 4.6 inch screen, up from the Droid RAZR’s 4.3 inch screen. Doing away with the bottom function keys to maximize viewing pleasure. Motorola Droid Fighter – Slashdot

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Angry Birds Space: A Demonstration and A Review.

The newest release of the Angry Birds made its arrival on the Google Play Store a few days ago and it brings with it a new selection of maps and one new very intriguing feature.   It incorporates planets that have gravitational fields surrounding them.  Birds and objects have the ability to interact with these […]

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LG Lucid Review is Available for viewing on the Phone Savvy Website and YouTube.

The LG Lucid is the newest smart phone that is to be released by LG.  It hasn’t been released yet, but when it is released we will be uploading the tutorials.  Here is a link to the YouTube video that reviews some of the features of this new device.

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Potty Training App: Best Apps On The Android Market

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