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June, 2012

Adobe Nixes Flash Player Support For Android 4.1

The newest version of the Android OS(4.1) which is keeping up with their food lover’s naming scheme, called Jelly Bean will not have Adobe Flash Player Support.  Adobe confirmed in a blog post, ”there will be no certified implementations of Flash Player for Android 4.1.”.  Adobe will be transferring it’s focus from packaging these products themselves […]

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Apple Losing Lead Engineer

Apple has announced that Bob Mansfield will be retiring after 13 years with Apple.  Mansfield has oversaw every major hardware release Apple has brought to the marketplace in the past decade including the iPod, iPhone, iPad and the MacBook Air.  This is a very impressive resume because when one looks at that list, it is […]

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Google and Asus Expected to Release Tablet

It is believed that Google will be releasing a $199 tablet at the Google I/O Conference. The tablet is suspected to be announced at the Annual Developer’s Conference. There are rumors that the new tablet will feature Google’s newest version of their OS named “Jelly Bean”. The rumor mill is claiming that Google is teaming […]

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Apple Can’t Keep Google Out Forever

Many know that with the release IOS 6 Apple will be removing Google Maps from the native IOS environment.  This was clearly a move to break a tie with their largest competitor in the phone OS world, but they won’t be able to keep them out for long.  Jeff Huber confirmed that Google would be […]

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Great App Reviews of the Day!

Check out the new uploads at Http:// “Killer Bean Unleashed” is the latest upload, which is a very sweet shooter game can be viewed at: Next up we have Kelley Blue Book for all of those interested in pricing out a car: Another great app is “AroundMe” app which gives detailed information such as driving […]

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Apple Store Expanding to 32 New Countries

Apple announced to developers on Thursday that they would be expanding the App Store in 32 new countries.  This should be a huge development in mobile app development and global merchandising efforts.  The App Store Currently holds just over 500,000 apps.  I wouldn’t be surprised if that number surged considering the crucial part developer support […]

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Tested Android App: Robin

Hey everyone, I had a chance to test Robin by Magnifis.  It is an awesome app!  The voice recognition is very consistent and the overall experience is a comfortable one.  I have noticed that with SIRI that her tone is very robotic, but with Robin it is very human-like.  The results that it gives are […]

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Robin: Android Gets Its Own Version Of Siri

There is good news for Android users.  A software company called Magnifis released Robin, which is a voice-activated natural language mobile assistant for Android devices.  It’s a lot like Siri, but it does not allow for the playing of music and sending text messages.  Robin focuses primarily on tasks related to driving such as finding parking […]

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Apple 1 Computer Sells for $374,500

There seems to be quite the market emerging for Apple and Steve Jobs memorabilia since Jobs’ death in October of 2011.  At a Sotheby’s auction an original functioning Apple 1 computer sold for $374,500, which is quite astonishing considering the devices originally sold for $666.66.  There were only about 200 of the computers made and […]

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Microsoft Unveiling Tablet

Apple, for a long time has dominated the market of creating an entire package of software and hardware.  It has allowed them to maximize battery life, touch screen responsiveness and overall user experience.  Apple made everything very proprietary and demanded the control over every detail which allowed them to create a very tailored experience for the user and that […]

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