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July, 2012

Samsung Edges Out Apple

According to Reuters Samsung has supposedly edge out Apple in devices sold. They are reporting that Samsung may have sold around 50 million units during the second quarter, compared to Apple supposedly selling around 30.5 million units. Samsung gaining the edge on Apple is expected considering Apple hasn’t released the iPhone 5 yet. All of […]

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Nexus 7 Preorder Start Rolling Out, Still No Specific Release Date

Just an update on the Nexus 7.  Trevor had posted in a Recent Blog about this device, so we figured an update would be necessary considering it is big news in the wireless industry.  Take a look at the link below for more information.   Read More:  Nexus 7 Preorder Start Rolling Out, Still No Specific […]

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Verizon Wireless wants to ‘edit’ your Internet access | Politics, Policy, and Technology – CNET News

I found an article that outlines the efforts of Verizon Wireless to file for discretionary control over what search results are being shown for the users of their internet service.  It would in essence be a right to “edit” what the user sees.  In another sense it could be deemed as a type of censorship. […]

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New Microsoft Acquisition

With Microsoft coming into the tablet came with the release of the new “Surface”, it comes as no surprise that they would be moving to acquire multi-touch display manufacturer by the name of Perceptive Pixel Inc.  They are following Apple’s model by controlling the process from the ground up, hardware-to-software.  It appears as though they will […]

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Amazon Planning 3 New Tablets

In my last post I had mentioned that the giants of the industry were passing the creative ball back and forth in a form of one-upsmanship.  Google released their Nexus 7 and now there are rumors of Apple releasing the smaller version of the iPad to compete in this domain of smaller tablets and now […]

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Rumors of Smaller Apple Tablet

The idea of Apple producing a smaller tablet is becoming closer and closer a reality.  Members of some of Apple Inc’s component suppliers, who wish to remain unnamed, reported that Apple had contacted them to prepare for mass production of a smaller tablet and that a launch was near.  The suspected date for manufacturing to […]

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Nexus 7

As you may have read on aRecent Blog I posted on the 26th, Google was going to announce a tablet running Android Jelly Bean with Asus core and they did it. I found a good review of the tablet here. Check it out

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