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Apple Is Now Worth $600 Billion

On Tuesday of this week, Apple became the 2nd company ever to be worth $600 Billion.  On 12/30/1999 Microsoft hit $619 Billion.  If you factor in inflation since 1999, Apple is short of Microsoft’s record by a few hundred billion.  Great Job Apple, this recent news just gave all of us another moment to day dream about what we would with unlimited funds.  House on beach, bentley, golfing etc.  It will be interesting to see how far apple will go. They are up 59% just this year.  They hit $500 Billion at the end of February and less than a month and a half later are at $600 Billion?  It’s hard to believe that Apple’s stock was undervalued even at this level.  Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets was the first to set a stock price target over $800 Billion, with a goal of $1,001.  He predicts that Apple will introduce the iPhone to China Mobile, the worlds largest wireless provider.

Unless Blackberry or Windows makes a huge move, iPhone and Android will continue being the 2 power houses of the wireless industry. I do not see even the slight possibility of that happening with new software applications being in demand. If Windows and Blackberry somehow find a way to hitch a ride to Android or iPhone’s rising star, I see a future, otherwise sorry Blackberry and Windows, you’re too late to the game


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