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Verizon Network Glitch: Is Your Old Phone Still Working?

You just left the Verizon Store with your new phone, so excited to see what you got yourself into.  You turn on your old phone when you get home so you can start the excruciating process of transferring all of your contacts over.  ”Ding Ding” you start receiving text messages on your old phone, and now your new phone will not connect on a phone call.  This happens because your old phone still has the NAM programming in it and the network is now seeing two phones instead of one.

What’s amazing about this glitch is that many Verizon agents and customer service reps don’t quite know the easy fix.  Many agents end up just swapping out your phone for another one.  Don’t bother calling in to customer service because they will just send you back to the store you purchased the phone from.

Here is the fix, call customer service and have them reactivate your old device.  No need to read off the ESN of your old device because they can see your previous devices.  As soon as the ESN change processes successfully, place a call with your old device.  Now have the customer service rep switch you back to your new phone, and immediately place a test call with your new device. Your call will be successful and you are back in business.  Leave your old phone off, or clear the NAM programming in the phone.

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