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Microsoft Unveiling Tablet

Apple, for a long time has dominated the market of creating an entire package of software and hardware.  It has allowed them to maximize battery life, touch screen responsiveness and overall user experience.  Apple made everything very proprietary and demanded the control over every detail which allowed them to create a very tailored experience for the user and that may be speaking volumes considering it is the most valuable company on the planet.  Google started out with software by designing and bringing to the market the Android system and followed Microsoft’s model by creating licenses with hardware makers to allow the use of Android on their products.  This proved to be very successful and has led to Android becoming one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world.  Google reached a point where they saw what Apple had done by controlling the hardware and software side of the business and thus announced that it would be purchasing Motorola Mobility for around $12.5 billion.  This would allow them the same control that Apple had with their devices.  The one thing that Google is doing differently is allowing their software to be licensed on other devices as well as them creating their own.  It is a best of both worlds scenario which may reap many benefits for them. 

To reach the main point of the article, Microsoft is jumping on board with the same idea of designing the hardware and the software for their upcoming release of a Windows tablet.  Monday is the suspected day of this release and it has been much anticipated by many people.  This is a brave but necessary step for Microsoft to remain competitive in this modern technological game.  It is what must be done to not become a tech company of antiquity and to remain a key player in this industry.  It is an exciting time in wireless to see this clash of the titans. 

It is amazing to see the legacy of Steve Jobs thriving to this day.  Mr Jobs has always been a very vocal activist for the creation of the “Whole Package”, from the software to the hardware, often referring to it as creating the “Whole Widget.  He has always been a head of his time and now it is incredible to see all of these huge companies conforming to a vision he dreamed many years ago.

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