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Apple 1 Computer Sells for $374,500

There seems to be quite the market emerging for Apple and Steve Jobs memorabilia since Jobs’ death in October of 2011.  At a Sotheby’s auction an original functioning Apple 1 computer sold for $374,500, which is quite astonishing considering the devices originally sold for $666.66.  There were only about 200 of the computers made and there are believed to be only 50 currently in existence so the device at auction was bid upon heavily. Another piece that went for a large sum of money was a hand-written memo written by Steve Jobs.  The contents of the 4 page memo pertained to the improvement of the Atari World Cup game.  The memo sold for $27,500 at auction which was $12,500 more than the predicated sum of $15,000.  It isn’t unusual to see Apple memorabilia going for these prices because in December Apple’s founding papers containing Jobs’ signature were sold for $1.6 million.

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