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Robin: Android Gets Its Own Version Of Siri

There is good news for Android users.  A software company called Magnifis released Robin, which is a voice-activated natural language mobile assistant for Android devices.  It’s a lot like Siri, but it does not allow for the playing of music and sending text messages.  Robin focuses primarily on tasks related to driving such as finding parking or gas pricing.   Robin will also be able to remember answers to questions so that the responses can used in a two way conversation with the driver.   The music and voice text functions aren’t completely eliminated from the equation though, because the phone still maintains its built in functions for those features.

This level of integration should be a nice luxury for users as they navigate the chaotic roadways, but also provides for a much safer experience.   Robin will be motion activated instead of button activated which will free up much of the drivers attention.  Once the vehicle is in motion Robin will start to learn the driving schedule and habits of the driver which will aid in providing more relevant search results and navigational information.  For more information on the topic visit:

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