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Tested Android App: Robin

Hey everyone,

I had a chance to test Robin by Magnifis.  It is an awesome app!  The voice recognition is very consistent and the overall experience is a comfortable one.  I have noticed that with SIRI that her tone is very robotic, but with Robin it is very human-like.  The results that it gives are very concise and exactly what people need in the car.  I haven’t become acquainted with it enough to experience how she learns about driving habits and schedules yet, but I am very excited to see what comes.  She remembers a lot from what has been asked before and brings it to the table to make things easier to search when on the fly.  As Robin is installed longer I am sure that the benefits of her learning abilities will become more prevalent.  I have also found that the motion activated feature is nice because it can be quite difficult to interact with an electronic device in a chaotic traffic condition.  Another feature that works well is that Robin can be activated by swiping the hand twice just above the screen, so it is almost entirely hands-free.  I would encourage all Android users to try this app.  If it doesn’t make your life safer it will at least make it simpler in the car.

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