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Apple Store Expanding to 32 New Countries

Apple announced to developers on Thursday that they would be expanding the App Store in 32 new countries.  This should be a huge development in mobile app development and global merchandising efforts.  The App Store Currently holds just over 500,000 apps.  I wouldn’t be surprised if that number surged considering the crucial part developer support plays on expansion.  It will help in volume as well as diversification of the App Store seeing that it will become more ofa melting pot of global cultural backgrounds.

The latest countries that were announced to be gaining access to the App Store are: Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos, Micronesia, Mongolia, Nepal and Papua New Guinea in Asia.  This is a small fraction of the total market share, but it does go to show how diversified the App Store is becoming through globalization of the juggernaut called, “Apple”.  With the iPhone slated for an October release in China through the provider China Mobile on a 3G network, this will  explode the market potential of Apple considering the customer base of China mobile is made up of some 1,000,000,000 users.  Do the math.  This could be the catapult that sets Apple apart from the rest of the crowd.



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