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Google and Asus Expected to Release Tablet

It is believed that Google will be releasing a $199 tablet at the Google I/O Conference. The tablet is suspected to be announced at the Annual Developer’s Conference. There are rumors that the new tablet will feature Google’s newest version of their OS named “Jelly Bean”. The rumor mill is claiming that Google is teaming up with ASUS to release a smaller version of a tablet in the 7″ range, that will allow Google deeper penetration into the more inexpensive tablet market. The potential release will coincide nicely with Eric Schmidt’s prediction in December that Google would release a tablet within 6 months. If this tablet proves to be a success that would make it a 3 way showdown between Google, Apple and Microsoft, with Apple clearly in the lead right now, but with Google gobbling up market share it will be interesting to see where this goes.

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