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Apple’s Next iPhone Has Thinner Screen, Better Display Quality –

Apple is teaming up with Asian screen manufacturers for its release of the iPhone 5 to slim down the screen.  Sharp Corp.,  Japan Display Inc and South Korea’s LG Display Co. are currently producing these new cellular panels for the new iPhones in mass quantities.  They are using a panel that is using what is being called  ”in-cell” technology, which essentially combines the touch sensors into the LCD, so that there is no need for two layers.  Normally there is one layer for the LCD and one layer for the sensors, so by removing this extra layer they are able to slim down the screen substantially.  This may be a benefit by slimming the phone down in general or allowing more space for a larger battery or other internal components.   This is what Apple does best, build hype!!  I know I’m excited to see what happens.

To have a more in depth look visit this link :  Apples Next iPhone Has Thinner Screen, Better Display Quality –

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