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HTC revenues down 27%

HTC was once a power house in the smartphone world, but recently they have been witnessing revenue drops.  The most recent report shows their revenue to be down by 27%.  The main reason for this drop that is being sited by HTC is “intensified competition in the smartphone market”.  They are correct that the competition is getting stiffer in this market, but part of the competition is being able to compete and right now they are not competing.  To their own detriment they create only high-end smartphone devices, which puts them in direct competition with giants like Apple with its iPhone and Motorola with its RAZR.  Samsung keeps blasting through the top because they offer something for everybody, which allows for the general masses to enjoy the benefits of smartphones.  HTC   would be wise to rethink their target market and either redirect their focus or to broaden their view.  HTC makes a solid product so it would be a shame if they couldn’t compete and fell off the map like blackberry.  

HTC revenues down 27%, blames competition.

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