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Apple Samsung Verdict: Who’s going to feel it?

With Apple winning a clear victory in their battle with Samsung, being rewarded $1.05 billion in damages, with the judge having the authority to bump that up to $3 billion because Samsung infringed on Apple’s patents knowingly, who else is going to be hit by this?  It is clear that Samsung got hit very hard by this considering the amount of money they must pay out and that they lost every part of their counter-suit.  The carriers will probably end up losing a bit more on this because of how much bargaining power Apple has.   Because of Apple’s immense popularity and the fact that the only way to have an Apple phone is to buy the iPhone Apple is able to drive up the subsidy price for carriers, in turn decreasing their profit margins.

The next group that could be hit in the long run are the other manufacturers, because this ruling has clearly set a precedent of what is acceptable use of patented ideas.  On the flip side it could help other manufacturers by dispersing some of the Samsung and Android users over to Windows phone or Blackberry.  If Windows and Blackberry can draw some customers their way it will more than likely attract more developers which will lead to a much richer experience on those devices with the increased app diversity.  Blackberry and Windows OS are likely going to benefit based on a sharp increase in share price from both companies, although it isn’t certain.  Market reactions to big news like the Apple Samsung verdict sometimes short-lived.

The clear winner on all ends here is Apple.  It has one a large chunk of money and is forcing the main front runner, Samsung, into the backseat to redesign their very successful product line.  Apple didn’t only win through their monetary gain, but also through the massive precedent set by the courts decision.

Apple Samsung verdict hits smartphone market Galaxy iPhone.

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