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Galaxy S4 = Awesome! Apple who?

I normally find numerous things to complain about with each phone that I get.  I haven’t found a complaint yet while using this phone.  It’s going on three weeks since the purchase and the device has been flawless.  The battery life is outstanding!  I’ve been getting a 1.5 days of use out of each charge which is very nice considering the screen size and the quadcore 1.9Ghz process inside the device.  It has a crystal clear display and very smooth transitions even when multitasking.  It is very difficult to slow this phone down.  The camera quality cannot be touched by any other device on the market in my personal opinion.  The overall design is sleek and slides nicely in and out of the pocket even with a flip open leather case on it.  I’ve had many phones in my time within this industry and this one by far gets my stamp of approval.  It lacks no innovation with the smart scroll and smart pause technologies.  The technology is imperfect at the moment, but it is a strong starting point.  I’ve been experimenting with S-Voice quite a bit lately and have found that it goes head to head with Siri without giving up any ground.  One feature of the phone I have enjoyed a lot is the “Watch On” app.  It utilizes an infrared transmitter at the top of the phone to communicate with a TV or cable box.  It basically turns your phone into a remote.  I have DVR and all of my devices synced to this.  I will bring more of it’s features to light in the next review.

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