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WatchOn Galaxy S4 Built-in App

I mentioned WatchOn in a previous post in passing but now think it needs its own.  I’ve been using WatchOn for about 2 weeks now and don’t have a complaint.  When setting up WatchOn it asks who your provider is and shortly thereafter it asks for the cable package that you subscribe to.  The Galaxy S4 has a built in infrared transmitter so this integrates nicely.  The app will load a visual guide of all programs that are currently being televised which is broken down by category and it also breaks down the listings by half hour increments.  WatchOn allows for the customization of your suggested channel listing based on your age and sex as well, which can be a nice feature when you’ve got many channels to choose from.  The app allows for the marking of favorites so eventually as one uses the app a compilation gets created based on preference.  The app doesn’t stop at just showing you the listings.  It allows the user to click “watch now” and it will change the channel automatically to this channel.  Another great feature is that this app will program to the DVR and other media devices such as Blu-Ray or DVD players.  I encourage people to try this app.  The built in guide is actually a lot nicer than the guide provided by the provider in my case.


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