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Galaxy Gear 2

This is going to be a very top-level look at my experience with the Gear 2. I was lucky enough to receive this for my birthday and I’m very pleased with it so far. By no means would I call this an essential electronic piece to have, but nonetheless it is still a sleek addition. I love the metallic face–I opted for the gold finish, but others are available–and the band is interchangeable so if you have another band that one would like to attach, it would be no problem. It’s light weight and comfortable.

Samsung has done a great job with this. It doesn’t run android like the Gear, but it runs Samsungs new Tizen operating system which is very smooth. Samsung will be incorporating this in more and more of their devices over the next year, which is exciting to see how it will stand up to the OS giants out there already. Right now the Samsung app database isn’t large, but as developers attach themselves to the Tizen experience you will see a more robust library emerge. It comes preloaded with some apps and to name a few: Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep(analyzes sleep patterns), Camera, Pedometer, Watch On remote, Music Player and several others. This watch is great for the fitness minded. It connects to the supported Samsung device via bluetooth and the watch will sync up with S-Health to merge data into the samsung account for the fitness conscious group out there. The device isn’t designed to be the primary device, but an extension of the primary device. You can choose to push notifications for certain apps to it and you can also receives calls and text messages on the watch. Calls and texts can also be placed from the device. Text messages are composed using S-Voice or templates. The camera is nothing to brag about being that it is 2 MP, but it can be handy at times and makes a good conversational piece. One thing to note is that the pictures are synced over to the phone so they can be viewed on a larger screen if desired.

After the gear manager is installed on the phone there is a lot of configuration that can be done(far too much to discuss here), but another thing to note is that you can load different themes and clocks onto the face of the screen to give it your own personal feel. Additional clocks can be downloaded from the Samsung App Store. To check the time just roll your wrist and it recognizes to gesture and turns the screen on.

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