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Popular iPhone App ‘Instagram’ finally available for Android

According to Instagram’s blog post, more then 30 million people use the app with their iPhone. This application allows users to take photos and add special filters to give the photo a new look, you can then upload the photo straight from the application to your Facebook orTtwitter account.

This app seems pointless for Android Devices, because the Android operating system has built in features that allow you to conveniently upload photos to your Facebook or Twitter account. The iPhone does not allow you to upload photos straight from your photo gallery which would explain why this app is such a huge hit for iPhone. Plus, the photo enhancing options on this application are nothing to special to run and tell grandma about. There are so many photo tweaking applications available on the Android Play Store that have even better options then the Instagram application.

Because of the popularity of this application on the iPhone I do expect this app to be successful with the Play Store, but anybody familiar with their Android and the different apps available on the Play Store will uninstall this application as wasted space.

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Technology Live: Latest Tech News and Gadgets –

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