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Galaxy S4 = Awesome! Apple who?

I normally find numerous things to complain about with each phone that I get.  I haven’t found a complaint yet while using this phone.  It’s going on three weeks since the purchase and the device has been flawless.  The battery life is outstanding!  I’ve been getting a 1.5 days of use out of each charge […]

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iPhone Sales

Just a short post today.  Apple announced that more than 5 million iPhones were sold in the first 3 days of its availability.

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Data: Verizon Wireless Plan Restructuring

Verizon Wireless will be the first to break the decade old structure of billing customers.  They are planning a change for next Tuesday that will dispense with the old method of billing for minutes and text messages and put their primary focus on billing for data.   This seems to be a natural progress as […]

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Samsung Galaxy S III

The much awaited Galaxy S III is available for pre-order through Verizon Wireless as of today June 6 2012.  The potential delivery date is estimated to be somewhere around July 9 2012 though, says an inside source.  They are allowing pre-order of this device because it is anticipated to be in high demand considering the […]

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iPhone 5

The latest release about the iPhone 5 is the potential dimensions and aspect ratio of the screen.  An inside report speculates that the iPhone 5 will have a 4.08″ screen and a 16:9 aspect ratio with an increase in resolution to 1,136 x 640 pixels.  This new release will also have 4G support which will allow […]

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Verizon | Verizon Announces Aggressive Sustainability Goal: Cutting Carbon Intensity in Half by 2020

Verizon announced that it will be addressing Social issues such as Health Care and Energy.  Verizon is making it’s first major stand in these areas by announcing that it will be cutting it’s carbon footprint in half by 2020, using their 2009 carbon intensity level figures as the benchmark for this effort.  With the amount […]

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Popular iPhone App ‘Instagram’ finally available for Android

According to Instagram’s blog post, more then 30 million people use the app with their iPhone. This application allows users to take photos and add special filters to give the photo a new look, you can then upload the photo straight from the application to your Facebook orTtwitter account. This app seems pointless for Android […]

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Double Your Data Promo

Verizon Wireless did a great thing by running a promotion that doubles the amount of data that 4G LTE smartphone users are rationed each month.  The promotion basically states that if one upgrades to a Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone, instead of having 2GB for a data allowance each month they would have 4GB.  This […]

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Motorola Droid ‘Fighter’ Expected to Launch in April

Motorola is constantly improving their market, even if it’s just a screen upgrade. The rumored Motorola Droid ‘Fighter’ is said to have a 4.6 inch screen, up from the Droid RAZR’s 4.3 inch screen. Doing away with the bottom function keys to maximize viewing pleasure. Motorola Droid Fighter – Slashdot

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