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Awesome New App Reviews

We would like to welcome Smart Launcher Pro to our list of awesome apps.  Smart Launcher is an innovative launcher, minimalist design, low resource and user-friendly interface which allows you to launch any application in a few keys. It’s currently the only launcher of Play Store, which has a function of automatic sorting and cataloging […]

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Motorola Droid Mini and Motorola Droid Ultra

Mini and Ultra how-to videos are uploaded and available for viewing.

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iFonts(Fonts For Android) by diyun

We would like to introduce iFonts(Fonts For Android) to our latest picks of the most excellent apps on the PlayStore. This app allows for easy integration of new fonts into your Android device giving it that personal touch to match any personality or taste in fonts. Take the time to download this app and see […]

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Galaxy S4 = Awesome! Apple who?

I normally find numerous things to complain about with each phone that I get.  I haven’t found a complaint yet while using this phone.  It’s going on three weeks since the purchase and the device has been flawless.  The battery life is outstanding!  I’ve been getting a 1.5 days of use out of each charge […]

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Apple Samsung Verdict: Who’s going to feel it?

With Apple winning a clear victory in their battle with Samsung, being rewarded $1.05 billion in damages, with the judge having the authority to bump that up to $3 billion because Samsung infringed on Apple’s patents knowingly, who else is going to be hit by this?  It is clear that Samsung got hit very hard […]

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Awesome App Review: Jusgramm

Jusgramm is a great app to spice up the way you send text messages. It takes text messaging to a whole new level by allowing you to use different fonts and skins that can add color and texture to text messages. There are many themes to choose from depending on the look and feel that […]

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Awesome App Review: Days Matter

Days Matter is an App that allows you to store important dates into a list and from this list it counts down the days until those events occur. It is different from other calendars in that it does count the days down and displays them to a user as opposed to storing the event on […]

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Awesome App Review: Just-Clean It

This app is very interesting and we at have found it especially unique and have selected Just-Clean it as one of the best apps on the Play Store. Create a network between you and your spouse, kids or your roomates and keep track of who’s doing all the work!  The Just-Clean it uses a point […]

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Nexus 7 Preorder Start Rolling Out, Still No Specific Release Date

Just an update on the Nexus 7.  Trevor had posted in a Recent Blog about this device, so we figured an update would be necessary considering it is big news in the wireless industry.  Take a look at the link below for more information.   Read More:  Nexus 7 Preorder Start Rolling Out, Still No Specific […]

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Amazon Planning 3 New Tablets

In my last post I had mentioned that the giants of the industry were passing the creative ball back and forth in a form of one-upsmanship.  Google released their Nexus 7 and now there are rumors of Apple releasing the smaller version of the iPad to compete in this domain of smaller tablets and now […]

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