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GAO Urges FCC to Revise Cell Phone Radiation Limits | News & Opinion |

With the rapid rate at which the wireless world changes it comes as a surprise that the policy governing the radio-frequency exposure limits is so archaic.  New and improved wireless devices make there way on to the market every few months pushing the limits of what chip manufacturers can do, but the policy governing it […]

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Tested Android App: Robin

Hey everyone, I had a chance to test Robin by Magnifis.  It is an awesome app!  The voice recognition is very consistent and the overall experience is a comfortable one.  I have noticed that with SIRI that her tone is very robotic, but with Robin it is very human-like.  The results that it gives are […]

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Robin: Android Gets Its Own Version Of Siri

There is good news for Android users.  A software company called Magnifis released Robin, which is a voice-activated natural language mobile assistant for Android devices.  It’s a lot like Siri, but it does not allow for the playing of music and sending text messages.  Robin focuses primarily on tasks related to driving such as finding parking […]

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