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New Microsoft Acquisition

With Microsoft coming into the tablet came with the release of the new “Surface”, it comes as no surprise that they would be moving to acquire multi-touch display manufacturer by the name of Perceptive Pixel Inc.  They are following Apple’s model by controlling the process from the ground up, hardware-to-software.  It appears as though they will […]

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Microsoft Unveiling Tablet

Apple, for a long time has dominated the market of creating an entire package of software and hardware.  It has allowed them to maximize battery life, touch screen responsiveness and overall user experience.  Apple made everything very proprietary and demanded the control over every detail which allowed them to create a very tailored experience for the user and that […]

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Apple Is Now Worth $600 Billion

On Tuesday of this week, Apple became the 2nd company ever to be worth $600 Billion.  On 12/30/1999 Microsoft hit $619 Billion.  If you factor in inflation since 1999, Apple is short of Microsoft’s record by a few hundred billion.  Great Job Apple, this recent news just gave all of us another moment to day […]

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